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Rock Guitar Lessons in Sheffield

About Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson is one of the founder members and chief songwriter of ` Geddes Axe', one of the 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal' (NWOBHM) bands that emerged in the early 1980s. During their time, the band released three vinyl offerings including their debut EP, `Return of the Gods' which reached number one in the influential `Sounds' heavy metal chart.  Geddes Axe gigged extensively during this time, headlining London's famous `Marquee' club on a number of occasions and playing with other NWOBHM bands at London's `Rainbow' and `Lyceum' theatres. The Axe also played to a sellout crowd at Sheffield City Hall supporting Saxon and did four shows with fellow Sheffielders, Def Leppard. ​

After an absence of 33 years, Geddes Axe reformed in 2016 to play the Brofest NWOBHM festival in Newcastle, which coincided with the release of their ` Aftermath ' re-masters album on German record label, High Roller Records. In the interim, Martin has played in a number of bands in the South Yorkshire area, including a lengthy stint with 'Red Mosquito' and occasional outings with the fun punk covers band `Well Hung, Drawn and Quartered!'

Martin also has nine years experience providing guitar lessons to a wide range of students. Martin's specialism is rock guitar, ranging from 1970s Led Zeppelin / Rush through 1980s Van Halen / Guns and Roses to more modern nu-metal such as Slipknot / Disturbed / Bullet for my Valentine. ​He has also taught pop and indie music from the likes of  David Bowie / Oasis / The Jam and is happy to consider anything a student wishes to learn. 
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Why Choose Martin?

  • Martin has over 35 years playing experience, including knowledge of what it takes to play at a professional level;
  • Martin is also a registered member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and offers guitar lessons leading to internationally-recognised examinations, accredited by the London College of Music;
  • Martin's experience as a self-taught guitarist (it was hard to find a rock guitar teacher in the 1970's!) enables him to pass on the more effective practising methods and help students avoid the pitfalls;
  • Martin also has expertise in transcribing guitar music including the faster, more complex guitar solos. So, if you already play guitar but are struggling to decipher the songs or solos you want to learn (or find an accurate tab), Martin can help unravel them for you!​ 
  • Martin can also help you with a range of guitar-related topics such as guitar set-up, song-writing and preparing for live performance;
  • All students receive a free 1 hour assessment lesson, to enable teaching to be tailored to their needs and wishes;
  • Lessons are properly structured with goals regularly assessed to ensure progress takes place - but it's fun as well!;
  • Students are welcome to call or email Martin for advice / clarification etc between lessons;
  • Learning is carried out in a friendly atmosphere - and it's okay to make mistakes! That's all part of the learning process;
  • Martin's rates are very competitive, including discounts for block bookings (Gift Vouchers are also available);
  • Martin's guitar lessons are usually carried out on a mobile basis - so there's no need to travel if you'd rather learn at home.
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