Martin Wilson

Rock Guitar Lessons in Sheffield

Martin began teaching my then 11 year old son Jack in early 2010 to mid 2014. During that period he transformed him from absolute beginner to a guitarist of professional standard.

Martin visited my son on a two weekly hour long basis and always came prepared with a game plan for the lesson with an expectation that my son had practised in between. We found him to be a very likeable character, friendly and patient but at the same time expecting 100% effort from his student.

He taught Jack every technique, exploring different genres of music but concentrating mostly on my son's love of heavy rock/metal, always wary not to let Jack fall into bad habits. 
In the past two years Jack has continued to play untutored and continues to improve and is now composing his own music.

I would thoroughly recommend Martin to anyone who seriously wishes to become a guitarist - he is a natural teacher and a top bloke!

Kevin and Jack Salway
High Green
Martin Wilson sat with guitar next to Marshall amplifier
Martin is a fantastic guitar teacher, he has bucket loads of patience which he has needed with me whilst we have worked together.

His ability to challenge without putting under pressure is one of his strengths and his attention to detail gives a great sense of satisfaction when new chords or maybe a solo piece are practised and mastered.

His knowledge of theory is second to none and this has helped me immensely to improve my skills both on and off the fretboard !!

Craig Smith

Having started learning with Martin as a rank (and apprehensive) beginner I can honestly say that his approach was ideal.  Martin has a structured yet relaxed manner of teaching guitar which is hugely supportive and the way in which simple targets are set to let me see measurable progress was invaluable.

I never felt pressured yet always felt stretched to learn something new each week which is a great motivator.  I can say with confidence that Martin is a patient and skillful teacher, his technical skill and musical knowledge offer a blend of practical and musical tuition which works brilliantly well and is the hallmark of a very skilled professional musician and teacher.  Oh, and best of all - it's highly enjoyable.

I was 40 when I started to learn guitar and with Martin's help went on to play in my own very successful band.  I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge that Martin passed on.  A brilliant teacher.

Ian Pegg